What do we do?

The board of the SCVR consists of six students. We all make an effort for the better of every student in Delft practicing any sport or culture.

We have close contact, through regular sub-meetings, with more than 45 sport- and culture associations in Delft. Besides looking after the interests of these associations, and students in general, we also try to stimulate students as much as possible to start practicing culture or sports.

In general we do this in the following manner: providing financial support, informing the boards of the associations, organizing activity days for the associations, and (support in) the organization and promotion of activities like the Batavierenrace, the Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap (GNSK) and several Nederlandse Studenten Kampioenschappen (NSK). We also work closely together with ‘X’ TU Delft and StudentenSport Nederland (SSN).

All these affairs are your responsibility as a board. There is also room for your own initiatives, with the aim to improve sports and culture welfare for all students.

Board 2023-2024

Timo Warmenhoven – Chair
Remco Roelofs – Secretary
Antonio Küng Garcia – Treasurer
Geert Custers – Commissioner of X
Zoyla Barendse – Commissioner of Sport
Casper Cromjongh – Commissioner of Promotion

Board 2022-2023

Danique Janssen – Chair
Thijs Stolwijk – Secretary
Sean Camps – Treasurer
Hugo De Thouars – Commissioner of X
Koen van Arem – Commissioner of Sport

Board 2021-2022

Jochem den Nijs – Chair
Fos van der Meer – Secretary
Job Oldenhuis – Treasurer
Yorrick an Haack – Commissioner of X
Niek van der Grift – Commissioner of Sports

Board 2020-2021

Frank Overes – Chair
Iris Moes – Secretary
Arthur Schoorlemmer – Treasurer
Arjan Andeweg – Commissioner of X
Jolijn van Delft – Commissioner of Events
Bram Brink – Commissioner of Online

Board 2019-2020

Bram Brink – Chair
Stefan Loonen – Secretary
Martin de Jong – Treasurer
Paula Goldebeld – Commissioner of X
Iris Moes
Bart Scheeren